Refrigerant and HVAC leak sealants work in a unit the same way blood works in a human body.

Our bodies are sealed systems with a heart that pumps blood flow throughout. When blood flows throughout our bodies, it remains a fluid. It is not until an injury is present that it begins to clot and harden at the site of the injury to seal it so that more blood does not continue to escape.  

The same occurs with the Leak Saver leak sealants. 

Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems are vacuum sealed systems, and the refrigerant flowing through it should stay there “forever” or until a leak presents itself.  Inside these systems the compressor acts as the heart and pumps refrigerant flow throughout.  Once injected into the system, our sealant is circulated throughout the unit by the refrigerant. 

During this circulation, it finds atmospheric air and moisture at the site of the leak and forms a permanent seal.


Leak Savers Explanation


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